Getting Parts

Since the Arduino is a hardware platform, you’ll obviously need to get some parts to complete the exercises outlined in Exploring Arduino. To make this as easy as possible, I’ve worked with hardware partners to assemble part kits for each edition of the book. Visit the Part Kits page for links to purchasing options for bundled parts! If you prefer to buy your parts elsewhere, I’ve listed several purchasing options on the pages for each part.

Learning & Getting Help

The Arduino platform benefits from an active user community that makes it easy to get help from fellow experimenters  when you run into problems with your Arduino projects.  Consider utilizing some of the following resources if you run into a roadblock.

Reference Materials


Support Forums

Further Reading

Ready to take the next step?  When you feel like you’ve conquered the Arduino ecosystem, you might be ready to dive into some more complex electrical engineering and programming projects. I recommend checking out the following resources when you want to start learning new things.