Chapter 1

Getting Up and Blinking with the Arduino

Chapter 1 available as a free PDF Download to help you decide if you’d like to purchase the entire book.

Chapter Summary

This chapter covered the following concepts:

  • All the components that compose an Arduino board
  • How the Arduino bootloader allows you to program Arduino firmware over a USB connection
  • The differences between the various available Arduino boards
  • How to connect and install the Arduino with your System
  • How to load and run your first program

Parts List

Useful Links


Follow along with this video during the chapter, for an introduction to the Arduino platform:


Chapter 1 Code Download

All code is licensed via the GNU GPL v3. Code is maintained and updated on GitHub. The download zip linked above always contains the most recent version of the code examples that have been pushed to the GitHub Code Repository.

This chapter only uses the Blink example built into the Arduino IDE.  Instead of downloading the code, you can also access it by navigating to File > Examples > Basic, and clicking the “Blink” program within the Arduino IDE.

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