Chapter 14

Connecting Your Arduino to the Internet

Chapter Summary

This chapter covered the following concepts:

  • The Internet has a lot of acronyms. You learned the meanings of IP, DHCP, DNS, MAC, and more.
  • You learned the differences between clients and servers.
  • You learned enough basic HTML to write a form for controlling your Arduino over the web.
  • You ran a web server from your Arduino.
  • You can control I/O pins on your Arduino over the Internet.
  • You learned how to connect your Arduino to the Xively graphing server.
  • You learned how to display data from multiple sensors online.

Parts List

Useful Links

Color Wiring Diagrams


Watch a demo of the Arduino being controlled over a local network from this chapter:


Chapter 14 Code Download

All code is licensed via the GNU GPL v3. Code is maintained and updated on GitHub. The download zip linked above always contains the most recent version of the code examples that have been pushed to the GitHub Code Repository.

Taking it Further

Now that your Arduino can get on the web, the sky is the limit. Here are some project suggestions that you can now complete:

  • Make a web-controlled robotic claw (like this one).
  • Construct a remote pet feeder. Allow your pet to trigger it with a motion sensor, or set it to a timer with a real time clock.
  • Create a monitoring system for the amount of sunlight your plants are receiving.
  • Assemble an array of LEDs that flash various colors to tell you when you’ve received an email, a tweet, and so on.