Chapter 2 (1st Edition)

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Digital Inputs, Outputs, and Pulse-Width Modulation

Parts List


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Code errata listed below are corrected in the code downloads available from this page, and from github.

  • In numbered list on pages 26 and 27, there should be another step between steps 1 and 2: “100 is less than or equal to 1000, so the loop contents execute.” This makes the for loop description more clear.
  • In code listing 2-5, there is a missing closing bracket ( } ) following the “current = digitalRead(BUTTON);” line in early prints of the book. This has been fixed in later printings.
  • In code listing 2-6, the “if” statement for Purple should be an “if else” statement.

Color Wiring Diagrams


This video will teach you about digital inputs/outputs, debouncing, and PWM:

This video will teach you the basics of electrical and computer engineering: