Digital Content

Click the following links to access the digital content for each chapter of “Exploring Arduino.” You’ll find code downloads, instructional videos, parts lists, useful links, and more.

The book is broken up into four parts:

Part 1: Arduino Engineering Basics

Chapter 1: Getting Up and Blinking with the Arduino
Chapter 2: Digital Inputs, Outputs, and Pulse-Width Modulation
Chapter 3: Reading Analog Sensors

Part 2: Controlling your Environment

Chapter 4: Using Transistors and Driving Motors
Chapter 5: Making Sounds
Chapter 6: USB and Serial Communications
Chapter 7: Shift Registers

Part 3: Communication Interfaces

Chapter 8: The I²C Bus
Chapter 9: The SPI Bus
Chapter 10: Interfacing with Liquid Crystal Displays
Chapter 11: Wireless Communication with XBee Radios

Part 4: Advanced Topics and Projects

Chapter 12: Hardware and Timer Interrupts
Chapter 13: Datalogging with SD Cards
Chapter 14: Connecting your Arduino to the Internet


Appendix A: Deciphering the ATMega Datasheet and Arduino Schematics